Archives for March 31, 2007

People unclear on the concept

Why is it that the concepts of freedom of religion and freedom of speech seem so hard for some people to understand? Witness a truly idiotic attempt to prevent someone from appearing on TV simply because he is a Scientologist: March 31, 2007 — – A German official is demanding that John Travolta be uninvited…

Doctor Who returns!

I have to wonder what we Anglophiles did before the invention of BitTorrent. I guess we probably waited months or years for the best British TV to make its way across the pond, usually to be shown on PBS, if at all. Now, I can look forward to the return of one of my favorite…

A boon to nudist smokers!

And I bet you wonder what nudist smokers did with their smokes before this. Who knew this would be an issue in 1938? I guess even nudists need to keep their smokes with them. I wonder where they kept their cigs before this was invented?