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Archives for April 5, 2007

Nothing strange about this

An “integrative” medical practitioner observes: I just came from a lecture by a Chinese Prof. who has a cancer hospital in China (Fuda Cancer hospital). What is strange, was it didn’t use therapies from China, but rather technologies from the USA. They have cryoablation, photodynamic therapies, dendritic cell therapies, immunotherapy as well as chemoablation. They…

[Note: If you haven’t already, you should read PART 1 of this two-part series. It defines several terms that I will be using in this post, and I don’t plan on explaining them again, given that they were explained in detail in Part 1. Of course, if you’re a medical professional and already know what…

Change of Shift

The latest Change of Shift, the blog carnival for nursing, has been posted at Emergiblog. Enjoy!