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Archives for April 11, 2007

Tangled Bank

A brand, spankin’ new Tangled Bank has been posted over at fellow ScienceBlogger Tara’s Aetiology. It’s more science bloggy goodness than you can absorb in one day. And while we’re on the topic of blog carnivals, don’t forget that the latest Skeptics’ Circle will be appearing at Geek Counterpoint tomorrow. You still have a few…

Grand Rounds

The latest Grand Rounds, that blog carnival for medicine and health care issues, has been posted at the ironically named (I hope) Dr. Dork. Check it out.

It’s been a couple of weeks since we last checked in with The DCA Site, that dubious advertising site for, where a chemist named Jim Tassano sells to desperate cancer patients non-pharmaceutical grade and non-FDA-approved dichloroacetate, the small molecule chemotherapeutic agent with an interesting and unusual mechanism of action that has shown promise in…