The lowest of the low

Ever since the Virginia Tech shootings a week ago, there’s been a lot of playing of the blame game in the blogosphere over who or what was to blame for Cho Seung-Hui’s deadly rampage. A few days ago, I mentioned one bright spot of heroism among the carnage, where a faculty member, Professor Liviu Librescu, barred the door to his classroom to the gunman, buying his students precious time to escape. He was apparently shot multiple times through the door.

Librescu ended up giving his life so that a few more students could jump out of the windows of the classroom. As it turned out, he was also a Holocaust survivor, and, in addition, lived many years in Romania behind the Iron Curtain, unable to find an academic job because he refused to join the Communist Party.

PZ, I, and others may have identified contemptible ghouls seeking to use the tragedy of this mass murder to flog their favorite little cause, but I’ve come across something worse: Contemptible ghouls who, because of their anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial seek to defame the name of Liviu Librescu. Such vile, despicable characters, it is hard to imagine, but they exist, and they say things like “Holocaust Liar’s Death Cloaked In Lies.”

But that’s not the worst I’ve found. This is:

First off, you have to ask yourself, assuming the story is true, (See footnote) just what was this Jew protecting, that he would risk his own life for, after all, Jews aren’t exactly known for their bravery?

Answer: He was protecting the ultimate symbol of a degenerate multicultural-promoting institution, where Jewish professors like himself reign supreme, indoctrinating moldable young student minds with filthy Jew propaganda. Note that the student who credited him with saving his life was an Israeli Jewish student Asael Arad. However, the media plays up the Professor’s Jewishness, while simultaneously playing down the race of people he allegedly saved.

Also note that he claimed to be a “Holocaust Survivor,” what Jew old enough to pull it off DOESN’T these days? I think it’s a good bet that he found a way to incorporate Jew Holocaust lies into his teachings, or at the very least Jews will find a way to profit from these killings by propping up this guy in their media in order to solicit some donations for Holocaust myth perpetuating causes, or some other Jew benefit.

That’s it. The lowest of the low, as far as commentary goes about these shootings. I submit to you that it beats, hands down, even the most contemptible attempts to use this tragedy in the service of a cause. As horrible as some of the commentary has been, I submit to you that, as warped as they may be, these people probably think they are arguing for a good cause. The above commentary has no such purpose even to try to redeem it. The above commentary is nothing other than naked hate that can’t stand the fact that a member of its target group behaved in a heroic fashion and died a hero’s death.

What kind of twisted mind thinks of things like this? It must have particularly galled this disgusting puddle of slime that Librescu made his heroic sacrifice on Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Because of my interest in Holocaust denial and my desire to “know what the enemy is up to,” so to speak, I routinely plumb the darker places of the Internet, sometimes finding myself in the most disgustingly racist and hate-filled sites in existence. Back in the late 1990’s, it started out with the Usenet newsgroup alt.revisionism and the white power ranger newsgroups to which material was often crossposted. Since then, it’s evolved to sophisticated Google searches saved as RSS feeds to notify me when commentary about which I might be interested appears. Occasionally, I seriously regret having such a notification system. Today is one of those days.

Maybe it’s time to delete some of the RSS feed for these searches.

Regardless, after reading that, I need a shower to wash the stench away.


  1. #1 EoR
    April 23, 2007

    They forgot to mention that Jews cause cancer, are the source of global warming, and are the prime cause of the autism epidemic (though further reading of those sort of weird sites would probably locate those sort of claims as well).

    “American National Socialist Workers’ Party”? Would have been more fun if they’d called themselves “American National Union of Socialists”. Then they could have partied in their whiteboy way with their KKK bedsheets and Eneman.

  2. #2 Flea
    April 23, 2007

    Hard to argue with this one. Man, that’s bad stuff! Think I’ll skip breakfast today…


  3. #3 Brandon
    April 23, 2007

    I know I should be shocked and disgusted, but honestly, all I can do is sit here and wonder what mixture of chemicals is swirling around in that guy’s head.

  4. #4 ceejayoz
    April 23, 2007

    Yuck… I second the shower idea.

    I can’t imagine being so hate filled my entire life revolves around the imagined slights by millions of people.

  5. #5 Chris
    April 23, 2007

    As horrible as some of the commentary has been, I submit to you that, as warped as they may be, these people probably think they are arguing for a good cause. The above commentary has no such purpose even to try to redeem it.

    Sadly, you’re wrong. They think that stopping the Vast Evil Jewish Conspiracy *is* a good cause, and therefore it’s their duty to spread this “information” about it. That’s just how deluded they are.

    Very few evil people actually realize that they’re evil. What they are doing is right – in their own minds.

  6. #6 Stuart Coleman
    April 23, 2007

    Oh my god, I cannot believe that…

  7. #7 moonflake
    April 23, 2007

    This is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the most disgusting, inhuman comment I’ve read regarding VT. I think if you cannot feel empathy for a holocaust survivor who goes on to save the lives of his students by sacrificing his own life… well then you can’t possibly feel empathy for anyone. You may very well not actually be a human being.

  8. #8 Mustafa Mond, FCD
    April 23, 2007

    Note that the student who credited him with saving his life was an Israeli Jewish student Asael Arad. However, the media plays up the Professor’s Jewishness, while simultaneously playing down the race of people he allegedly saved.

    There’s some seriously disgusting racism in there. The implication is that it would be prefereable not to expend effort saving the lives of people of certain races.

  9. #9 Thony C.
    April 23, 2007

    There are some very, very, very sick people in this world and the person who wrote that is one of the very, very sickest. Thank you Orac you have just unwittingly ruined my day. I can’t believe that anybody is that warped.

  10. #10 olvlzl, jamais cool
    April 23, 2007

    I’m kind of surprised, it’s exactly what I’d expect from the Nazis. Anything to do with anything even vaguely eastern European will get this response. It’s the next apple over in the barrell you’ve got to watch, they have the same racist politics but they’re slightly more subtle about it.

    Hey, we gay people get this constantly, just as viciously and less covertly all the time.

  11. #11 manfred
    April 23, 2007

    And note the wording Orac uses. He does not exactly take issue with the blogger merely claiming that his statements are ill-advised, rude or in bad taste – no Sir, the other blogger is sub-human, he is „the lowest of the low”, a “contemptible ghoul”, a “vile, despicable character” and a “disgusting puddle of slime”. Is this the way an articulate and educated man (and an academic to boot) would voice his objections? Why this hateful language? (By contrast the other blogger did not use racial slurs.) Is politeness in critising opinions too much to ask for? Who are the real haters here?
    I also find it particular funny that Orac (despite his obsession with those evil evil White Nationalists) completely fails to note the quite obvious literary references in the other blogger’s pseudonym (Oscar YEAGAR) and his motto (day of the rope). Maybe he is not so knowledgeable about these issues after all.
    By the way: I fail to see how the professor’s racial background and his alleged past as holocaust survivor has anything at all to do with his death at the hand of a crazy spree killer, as the shooter was by all accounts not racially motivated and killed completely at random. And doesn´t it strike you as oddly convenient that the only guy who told the story of the professor`s heroism was „coincidentally” of Jewish descent? Quite aside that being shot by a killer is (needless to say) a human tragedy, but does not indicate „heroism” – subjugating the killer would be heroism.
    Expect however a tearjerker Hollywood movie (similar to Gus van Sant`s ELEPHANT) in a year or so, particularly highlighting the death of the Jewish professor. Suffice to say that the race of the perpetrator will be changed since political correctness`conventional wisdom has it that minority members do NEVER EVER commit violent crimes (NOT coincidentally the killers in ELEPHANT – a movie about a school shooting – were tinseltown`s favorite group of villains, evil neo-nazis.)

  12. #12 natural cynic
    April 23, 2007

    Why is it that so many Holocaust deniers act as though the Holocaust should have happened, but didn’t?

    A little more rational [from their sick perspective, certainly not mine] view would be to celebrate the Holocaust instead of denying it.

    But I guess that I shouldn’t expect them to be rational.

  13. #13 S. Rivlin
    April 23, 2007


    Lucky you! You did not have to witness the killing at VT, otherwise, you probably would describe the heroics of the professor differently, if you would survive, since the professor’s life experience has nothing to do with his actions; you did not lose family members in the holocaust; you above it all, whether you are from Jew York (the city Oscar Yeager is from) or from the moon. No, for you the statements of this sick blogger from Jew York are just ill-advised; just a misguided poor sole who needs our understanding. One of this sicko’s favorite books is Jewish Supremacism. Maybe you subscribe to this idiocy, too?

    You have failed to see many things, beside what the professor’s background has to do with his actions. You probably failed to see the connection between creation and intelligent design or Barbara Bush and her son George W., or between Mr. Yeager’s choice for the name of his city, Jew York, and the title of his blog (Day of the Rope).

    Orac’s choice of labels for this white supremacist are gentle, yet accurate.

  14. #14 Kevin W. Parker
    April 23, 2007

    If you go to the referenced blogger’s subsequent post, you’ll see that his chief criticism of the gunman is that he was “indiscriminate”, i.e., he didn’t avoid shooting white people.

    I think it’s my turn for a shower.

  15. #15 Torbjörn Larsson
    April 23, 2007

    If contempt and lies are the highest forms of flattery for heroes, that post outdid itself.

    Excuse me while I go delete the browser buffer and make a trash wipe of unused memory space – I don’t want any parts of that stinky goo left on my hard drive.

  16. #16 Orac
    April 23, 2007


    I know quite well who “Oscar Yeager” is and the significance of “the Day of the Rope” in white supremacist circles; in fact, I was tempted to use that as part of my post, but I restrained myself. Yeager’s own words were vile enough; there was no need to point out that he chose his ‘nym based on a fictional character in different novel by the author of The Turner Diaries, a novel in which the “protagonist” (and, given how despicable Yeager was, I use that term loosely) goes around killing mixed race couples to fight “race-mixing” as a warm-up for even worse racist violence. Given your apparent sympathy for “Yeager’s” words, perhaps you should be glad that I didn’t harp on that.

    As for my description of Yeager and his vile words, I wouldn’t take back a single word I wrote (the “lowest of the low”, a “contemptible ghoul”, a “vile, despicable character” and a “disgusting puddle of slime”). In fact, Yeager and his blog are so vile that I think I need to sit down and come up with some new and better adjectives to describe this lowlife.

    Finally, regarding your definition of “heroism,” how on earth is it not heroism to put one’s body in the line of fire to delay the shooter as long as possible, to allow as many of one’s students as possible to escape through the windows? This was a 76-year-old man, not some Rambo who would have much hope of taking on an armed gunman and actually subduing him. To me, putting yourself in extreme peril to save the lives of others is the sine qua non of heroism in a situation like the Virginia Tech massacre.

    I’m happy to see your reaction to my post, though. If someone like you is annoyed by it, I’m doing my job.

  17. #17 Alan Kellogg
    April 24, 2007


    I am not a prey animal. You want to be a prey animal you go ahead and try to avoid offending anybody. I’ll speak my mind honestly and thus provide such resistance that only fools will attempt to feed upon me.

  18. #18 James
    April 24, 2007

    Wow Orac, you really do bring new meaning to the term “gazing long into the abyss”. The trouble with being a sceptic at this point is that you can’t employ some sort of spiritual cleansing ritual since you know they don’t work.

  19. #19 Jurjen S.
    April 24, 2007

    “Also note that [Librescu] claimed to be a ‘Holocaust Survivor,’ what Jew old enough to pull it off DOESN’T these days?”

    I’m much inclined to say that any Jew living in Axis-controlled territory between 1941 and 1945, and who was thus at risk of being rounded up and transported (or “resettled” on the spot), is ipso facto a Holocaust Survivor.

  20. #20 jp
    April 24, 2007

    Why does anyone need to cleanse their spirit for calling a spade a spade? You can recognise and identify scum for what it is without becoming scum just because you’ve uttered the word ‘scum’.

  21. #21 olvlzl, jamais cool
    April 24, 2007

    The trouble with being a sceptic at this point is that you can’t employ some sort of spiritual cleansing ritual since you know they don’t work. James

    That’s the trouble with being a pseudo-skeptic, a pseudo-skeptic knows they don’t work, a skeptic may suspect it might or might not. The difference is freedom of thought and, increasingly, not being an arrogant pain in the neck.

  22. #22 Godless McHeathenpants
    April 24, 2007

    jp> for having to read that, not the name calling. Which was understated, frankly.

    Being intolerant of intolerance is a bedrock principle for moral people. And we should all be outraged at this [numerous expletives deleted] feels safe enough to post this crap. I don’t mean physically threatened. I mean him and everyone who holds such ridiculous, offensive, unsupportable ideas should be mocked mercilessly by all who encounter them. Unless they have some extraordinary goddamned evidence disproving the Holocaust fully, which makes liars out of everyone who claimed it true for the 60 years including my father (who was a bit of a racist himself at the time, South Carolina farmboy that he was) otherwise they should be mocked and ridiculed about the presence of a baboon in their direct lineage and every detail of their lives/ personality/ haircut/ taste in music. From sun up to sun down. Harassed, taunted, followed by people with signs saying “look at what this dipshti believes”, and every other form of (non-violent) harassment.

    But seriously, can someone find out where this guy works and email his boss a link that page? Maybe we could at least get him fired.

    I feel ill.

    I wish you would just have stuck to those wacky creos. He makes DaveScott look like a paragon of sanity and reason.


  23. #23 Godless McHeathenpants
    April 24, 2007


    I should have pointed out that my dad was in Germany at the end of WWII, which is why he had an informed opinion.


  24. #24 Diora
    April 24, 2007

    Having grown up Jewish in the Soviet Union, nothing really surprises me when it comes to anti-semitism.

    Reminds me of this “Song of an Anti-Semite” by Vladimir Vysotsky written some time in the 1970s:
    Just being a hoodlum appears so trite
    I ought to convert to an anti-Semite
    This cause might not yet have the law on its side
    But millions of zealots support it worldwide

    But my drunkard buddy said after a job
    The blood of the infants they drink, every drop
    And I over drinks in a bar overheard
    That they long ago crucified our Lord

    Without more blood they simply can’t do
    They tortured an elephant right in a zoo
    Against our people committed high treason
    And stole all the crops of the previous season

    Along major highways they grabbed all the lots
    Built luxury dachas and live there like gods
    I’ll maim and I’ll burn, just to make them pay dues
    To save our country, I club dirty Jews

  25. #25 Diora
    April 24, 2007

    Oops my link didn’t work, here is the link to complete text:

  26. #26 beajerry
    April 24, 2007

    Why are people who have the flimsiest of arguments (like Holocaust Deniers) also the most vicious and violent?

  27. #27 jp
    April 24, 2007

    >>for having to read that, not the name calling. Which was understated, frankly.

    I see what you mean, Godless McHeathenpants. I hadn’t quite caught the tone of that comment, obviously.

  28. #28 Don Cox
    April 27, 2007

    “What they are doing is right – in their own minds.”

    A conviction that you are absolutely right and that your duty is to improve the world is a sign that you are probably wrong.

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