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Archives for April 30, 2007

Silencing the opposition over autism

Now here’s something you don’t see every day. Nature Neuroscience has weighed in about the pseudoscience that claims that mercury causes autism. Based on British experience with animal rights activists, it points out a parallel that I hadn’t considered before: The idea that autism is caused by vaccination is influencing public policy, even though rigorous…

It’s that day again!

Andrew reminds me that today is a very special day. Yes, indeed, it’s the day that everyone who detests fascism should celebrate: Fuehrerstodestag! (Otherwise known as “Dead Hitler Day.”) Yes, 62 years ago this hour, Adolf Hitler, Fuhrer of the Reich, finally cornered, his nation in ruins, offed himself in his bunker in Berlin as…

Thanks to a reader commenting in yesterday’s post, I’ve been made aware of a truly brilliant summation of creationism of both the young earth and intelligent design variety: Exactly.