Abel Pharmboy shows why I shouldn’t have left my American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) proceedings abstract sit on my desk unread for a week.

Damn. Talk about blowing an opportunity. Of course, given that I don’t own any pharmaceutical stocks (making me a rather poor “tool of big pharma” indeed), it doesn’t matter.


  1. #1 AnnR
    May 20, 2007

    Since most of them went down it doesn’t appear to be such a good prognosticator for cancer patients. If one knew much about which trials are done and ready to be reported on just knowing who went up and who went down would be a clue.

    But Pharmboy has a point about insider information. Let’s lock them all up like Martha Stewart!

    At one point in my less than stellar investment experience I had hope that owning big pharm would help me afford their wares in my old age! These days I can only hope that some suffering factory worked in Southeast Asia will be my salvation.

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