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Archives for May 23, 2007

You knew it was coming…

Ask yourself this: What do the convicted do, either in prison or when facing prison? They find Jesus, of course: It’s inevitable any time anyone’s going to jail, it seems. My prediction for Paris’ next stop: Kabbalah! It would, however, be even more amusing if she were to convert to Islam while in prison.

Well, well, well. Remember about a year ago, when Libertarian wingnut Vox Day shot himself in the foot big time by using a warped logic to argue that because it was “possible” for Hitler to round up six million Jews in four years then it’s not “impossible” for us to round up 12 million illegal…


A fellow ScienceBlogger has suffered a profound loss. Sadly, on Sunday, my blogchild Mark lost his father. If you like Mark’s blog (or even if you don’t), please do me a favor and take a moment to read Mark’s tribute to his father and offer your condolences. He has mine.