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One more question on Memorial Day

I didn’t see this one in time to include it on my list of Memorial Day links. In it, Brett confesses: Here’s a confession: I don’t really get Guernica — the painting, that is, not the event. Read the whole thing and see what he means.

i think I’ve made it exquisitely clear how much I detest and despise the term “Nevile Chamberlain School of Evolutionists.” Indeed, my disgust at the term led me to sic the Hitler Zombie on (of all people) Richard Dawkins, the originator of the term, a deed that was either the boldest thing I’ve ever done…

Memorial Day

Here in the U.S, it’s Memorial Day, the day that we set aside to pay tribute to our men and women in uniform who have put their lives on the line to defend our nation in its wars. On this day, I’d like to present a few links and thoughts: Here’s my post about Memorial…