Archives for June 3, 2007

Drunk with scrubs

Just as a brief followup to my post about being carded twice in a bar despite being a member of the over 40 crowd, I can’t help but make a brief comment on something else that happened while we were sitting back enjoying some beer. We were inside, but there was an outdoor sidewalk cafe…

Literally, the coolest weblog ever

I’ve just found what has to be literally the coolest weblog ever. Its whole raison d’être is a pet peeve of mine, too, but I literally never thought of starting a blog about it.

Do I really look that young? Do I?

I haven’t yet mentioned it, but since Friday evening I’ve been in Chicago for the American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting. (If anyone happens to be attending the meeting and is interested in a meetup, let me know. My time’s pretty well booked until I leave on Tuesday afternoon, but we might be able to…