Remembering D-Day

Sixty-three years ago today, Allied troops stormed the beaches of Normandy, thus opening up a Western Front in the war against Germany. It was the beginning of the end; eleven months later, Nazi Germany, beset from the East by the Soviet juggernaut and from the West by the Allies, collapsed. Today is a day that we should remember the sacrifice of the thousands who died storming Hitler’s Fortress Europe in order to hasten the end of his vile regime.

Larry Moran over at Sandwalk has a tribute, as do Andrew Bell and Dave In Texas.


  1. #1 sinned34
    June 7, 2007

    That’s why I love me grandpappy! He was a Bren gunner in the Nova Scotia Highlanders, part of the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division.
    He was injured three times and returned to battle each time. His first injury came at the battle for Caen, when his group was strafed by a handful of Messerschmitts. He was struck through the right calf (he returned to action 10 days later). They managed to shoot down a couple of the enemy aircraft before some Spitfires appeared and chased the Nazis off. After he was injured, he worked his way to the wreckage of one of the Messerschmitts and obtained a couple of souvenirs (he’s the handsome fellow on the left). He’s now 90 and still going strong!

    Thanks to all the servicemen and women who fought for freedom!

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