There’s not much to add to this other than…ouch!

1949 was not a good year for the treatment of prostatitis, was it?


Hat tip to Modern Mechanix.


  1. #1 Jane
    June 10, 2007

    It’s the idea of the 30-day trial that worries me, what did they do with the ones that were returned? 😕

  2. #2 Adam Cuerden
    June 10, 2007

    Not to be vulgar, but you realise this was probably just a clever way of selling sex toys without running afoul of decency laws…

  3. #3 ebohlman
    June 10, 2007

    The product’s name really needs an extra “d” in it.

  4. #4 Aerik
    June 10, 2007

    Think that’s bad? I watched the History of Sex (on what channel? History Channel of course) and Americans came up with the most ridiculous cover-stories for obviously sexual products and it was often the portal of lots of bad pseudo-science. One example was a “prostate warmer,” which was basically one of the first dry-cell batteries invented, hooked up to a butt-plug like the bit on the product you’re showing us and a lightbulb on the other side.

    It didn’t do anything, other than make you feel stupid.

  5. #5 Bronze Dog
    June 10, 2007

    Does it stimulate a man’s abdominal brain like the one Aerik mentioned?

  6. #6 anonimouse
    June 10, 2007

    This is roughly akin to the female sex toys marketed as “massagers”.

  7. #7 William the Coroner
    June 11, 2007

    Prostatic massage was a treatment for chronic prostatitis in the ’40x. I knew a fellow who was a submarine corpsman in WWII who had to give the Captain daily prostate massages while on patrol. He (the Captain) was to be relieved (of command) for medical reasons but he was such a good performer that it kept getting delayed for one more mission. The sub had an impressive score in the Pacific, but hit a mine and is still on patrol. I suppose this device is for guys with short arms or no friends.

    I don’t think this is a salacious as is looks 60 years later.

  8. #8 akibare
    June 11, 2007

    Yeah, first thing I thought upon seeing this was, “hey, probably a lot of people without any health issues were thrilled to get one of these!”

    Not to say it wasn’t a legitimate health treatment at the time, but there are… dual uses!

  9. #9 Mary
    June 12, 2007

    So this Dila-Therm .. it vibrates?

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