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Pediatric Grand Rounds

The latest Pediatric Grand Rounds has been posted over at Med Journal Watch. There’s lots of good stuff, including some posts about the Autism Omnibus trial.

I’ve seen ads like this before in issues of LIFE Magazine from the 1940s that I inherited from my uncle, but they never cease to make me cringe when I see them: (Click for a larger image and to read the text of the ad more clearly.) Get a load of the text:

If Irn-Bru can do this, maybe I should try some the next time I manage to make it to the U.K.: (Via Attuworld.)

Truer words were never spoken…

Via Modern Mechanix, an ad from 1938: Does this make you think of something other than a medical ad? Maybe it’s the whole thing about the “human hand” being placed on the groin as a truss.