Condolences to Lindsay Beyerstein

Please take a moment to head over to Majikthise and pay your respects to Lindsay, whose father, Barry L. Beyerstein, died yesterday.

Dr. Beyerstein was a prominent skeptic and very active in the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry. He also served as chair of the Society of B. C. Skeptics, not to mention being a member of the Executive Council of CSI and serving on the editorial board of The Skeptical Inquirer.

He was only 60 years old.

Many moons ago Lindsay suggested to me in an e-mail that I get in contact with her father to become involved in the Commission for Scientific Medicine and Mental Health, perhaps helping with its journal, The Scientific Review of Alternative Medicine. It’s something I had been meaning to do for months, but, as is often the case in life, never got around to bother with, consumed as I was with my research, writing grants and papers, and blogging. Although I can still volunteer to be part of CSMMH, now I would have to do it now without the honor of meeting Dr. Beyerstein. I missed my chance.

My condolences go out to Lindsay.


  1. #1 Joe
    June 27, 2007

    Barry Beyerstein will be missed.

  2. #2 Frank
    June 28, 2007

    Barry and I were on different sides of the fence when it came to issues which were difficult to prove by science. However I appreciate Barry’s professionalism and commitment to being a voice of oposition in this area. I was present at a lecture sponsored by Dr. Beyerstein 2 weeks ago at SFU. All I could say about his presence is that he was a good man.

  3. #3 Ken Tuininga
    June 30, 2007

    I have known Barry and his family for more than 40 years. Our society has lost a great person. I am quite certain Barry does not want us to grieve, but rather to pick up the cudgel and work like blazes to make a difference in our corner!

    My heartfelt feelings to his family – Love ya Ken

  4. #4 Neil Hanley
    July 23, 2007

    I’ve just read of Barry Beyerstein’s passing and am shocked, saddened and most importantly saddened for the sudden loss for his family. Barry Beyerstein turned me on to being a skeptic when I was taking one of his classes at Simon Fraser many years ago. I joined the CSICOP, now CSI, and subscribed to the Skeptical Inquirer because of Barry’s influence. I have been an advocate for skepticism and emperical evidence in mental health and in the business world – largely from the fire that Dr. Beyerstein’s words and passion lit in me years ago. I will continue to ask people to ‘prove it’ and challenge my own and others assumptions.

    Just wanted to ad this to the blog here in hopes that it makes it to his family. I hope they know that although his life was too short, Barry had a very wide positive influence in this world.

    Neil Hanley, Ph.D.

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