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Archives for June 29, 2007

I poured a death potion for my sick baby!

I love these old ads. Remember, keep fresh batteries in your house or you might poison your baby! The tag line sounds almost like the reaction of an antivaccination loon to the polio vaccine.

The “just another study” gambit

I wrote about this classic crank gambit a bit about a week and a half ago, emphasizing that no amount of studies will convince a crank. Now, MarkH at takes on the same issue in more detail so that I don’t have to bother with David Kirby’s latest spew. Thanks, MarkH! The point is…

Here’s something I’ve wanted to try for a while now. It’ll either be wildly successful and popular, along the lines of You Might Be an Altie If…, or it’ll be an utter failure, sinking into oblivion. Which one it ends up being will be up to you, O faithful readers of Your Friday Dose of…