Speaking of skepticism and critical thinking, recall that I mentioned earlier today that I had been interviewed for The Skeptics’ Guide for the Universe. Despite branching out into a different medium, rest assured that I haven’t forgotten about my primary responsibility, blogging. Nor have I forgotten that the latest edition of the blog carnival that’s been entrusted to me, The Skeptics’ Circle, is fast approaching. In fact, it’s less than four days away and due to land on Thursday, July 5!

That means that you–yes, you! (if you’re a blogger, that is)–have only three days to submit your best skeptical blogging from the last fortnight to this week’s host steppen wolf over at the skeptical alchemist. Contact and deadline information for submissions can be found here, and guidelines for what we’re looking for are here. Don’t let steppen wolf (or me) down. Give ’til it hurts (give us your best skepticism, that is).

Finally, as always, I’m still looking for blogs to host the Circle. We’re good through the summer, but come fall there are some empty slots, and I want to fill them with hosts who will continue the tradition started by the founder of the Circle (St. Nate) two and a half years ago and (hopefully) continued by me. Established bloggers, new bloggers, bloggers who’ve hosted a Circle before, bloggers who’ve never hosted, I’m looking for them all. The only requirements are (1) a desire to apply skepticism, reason, and the scientific method to various dubious claims; (2) that your blog deal with skeptical and/or scientific topics on a semiregular basis; and (3) that it’s not a pseudoskeptical blog in which credulity towards pseudoscience or the paranormal masquerades as “skepticism” towards the status quo. So, if you think you have what it takes, peruse the schedule and archives plus the guidelines for hosts, and drop me a line at oracknows@gmail.com.


  1. #1 Rich Reynolds
    July 2, 2007


    Would our blogs qualify?

    The UFO Iconoclast(s) — http://ufocon.blogspot.com

    RRRGroup — http://rrrgroup.blogspot.com

    The UFO blog is skepticism personified and the RRRGroup blog takes on science, skeptics, physicists, and everyone actually.

    (We went to the sites listed above but, and maybe you might consider this, they were obscure about how to submit blogs and entries.)

    Rich Reynolds

  2. #2 isles
    July 2, 2007

    I listened to your interview! You sounded young. 🙂

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