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Archives for July 17, 2007

Dr. RW piles on Mike Adams

After Mark and I took apart Mike Adams’ misinformation- and logical fallacy-filled rant of idiocy against conventional medicine, it appeared that there was still some left to take on. Fortunately, Dr. RW took up the slack. Because when the woo-meister is as idiotic as Mike Adams, too much debunking is never enough.

This time, it’s from Colorado, and it’s the King: Rock collector LaDell Alexander, 60, has found a stone she swears has the face of the rock king Elvis Presley on it and has taken it home and plans to sell it on eBay in August, near the 30th anniversary of his death. Alexander said “people…

Quote mining about secondhand smoke

Not surprisingly, in response to my article on the health risks of secondhand smoke yesterday, the “skeptics’ came out in force, although I must admit that even I hadn’t expected quite as large an influx as what appeared. Perhaps I’ll prepare a general response in the near future (and, no, I didn’t take the Surgeon…