Respectful Insolence

What do you get when you mix a bunch of octogenarians and nonagenarians with The Who?

You get this:

It’s a band called The Zimmers. Members range in age from 69 to 99. I particularly like the mass instrument smashing at the end of the video. I have to admit, however, to the near irresistable urge to respond to the lyric “Hope I die before I get old” with “Too late!”

Even so, I hope I can still rock if I make it to my 80s or 90s.


  1. #1 Uncle Dave
    July 21, 2007

    “MY generation baby!”

  2. #2 Jon H
    July 21, 2007

    Zimmer, presumably from ‘Zimmer Frame’, the English term for a walker.

  3. #3 Russell Blackford
    July 22, 2007

    Wow, something to look foward to 30 or 40 years down the track.

  4. #4 Hans
    July 22, 2007

    Oh, c’mon, the best frame was the last one.

  5. #5 Inquisitive Raven
    July 25, 2007

    Regarding the last frame, I wonder where he picked that up. The English version of that gesture involves two fingers.

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