Archives for August 8, 2007


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African Booze Tree

Turns out the monkey isn’t the only creature in the forest getting bombed. Check out this video of the African booze tree. Special thanks to Tom Ferriss for finding this clip. Add to: Slashdot del.icio.usredditnewsvineY! MyWeb

Check out the Carnival of Healing (which should be called the Carnival of Woo, if this recent edition is any example). They’re looking for hosts, you know. Perhaps I should volunteer. Or maybe one of my favorite skeptical bloggers would volunteer. I know, it’s an evil thought.

A giant has passed on

I learned the other day that one of the most renowned historians of the Holocaust, Raul Hilberg, passed away at the age of 81: WILLISTON, Vt. —Dr. Raul Hilberg, a world renowned Holocaust scholar has died. He was 81. Hilberg, a professor emeritus of political science at the University of Vermont, died Saturday from a…

Who’s Hitler today?

&uotI’ve been on call and grant writing, both of which have put a major crimp in my blogging time, preventing my usual daily magnum opus and leaving me reposts and pithy link-and-comment posts, at least for today. Since having become