Science tattoos vs. anatomy tattoos


Science tattoos have been all the rage lately. Even though I’m a scientist, I’m also a surgeon; so naturally I was wondering if there was anything that I’d like to see too.

There is.

Over at Street Anatomy, there’s a great collection of anatomy tattoos. Anyone who has any surgery-related tattoos, send a picture of them to me, and maybe I’ll get in on the action by posting it. A tattoo of the abdominal contents on someone’s abdomen would be really cool.


  1. #1 Geneva
    August 12, 2007

    I saw a guy with a tattoo of a heart on his chest earlier today on mySpace (I KNOW, I am a grown woman who uses myspace).

    I will try and find you the photo later 🙂

  2. #2 Carl Zimmer
    August 12, 2007

    Science tattoos *versus* anatomy tattoos? Seems to me that science tattoos *include* anatomy tattoos…

  3. #3 Bob O'H
    August 13, 2007

    Carl – I think Orac is subtly trying to increase the distance between science and certain neurosurgeons.


  4. #4 Amy Alkon
    August 13, 2007

    My personal favorite was an anatomically correct heart, but with the word “Mom” on a ribbon tattooed across it.

  5. #5 ou·tre
    August 13, 2007

    I kinda want to get my spine tattooed with it’s glorious scoliatic curve, rotation and all. But it’d get ruined when I get my spine fused… so maybe I’ll wait until after the fusion and get my spine plus the rods/hooks/screws/H-bar tattooed. It’ll be sweet.

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