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Archives for October 9, 2007

Vote early, vote often–for Shelley

Let me just take a moment to join fellow ScienceBloggers Ed, Revere, RPM, Zuska, Nick, PZ, Razib, Steve, and Bora in encouraging everyone to vote for one of our own, Shelley over at Retrospectacle, for a $10,000 Student Blogging Scholarship. Don’t do it just because I asked you to. Do it because she runs an…

The game ended too late last night, and I was too tired to do a quick celebratory post, but better late than never. In case you were wondering, Orac is pleased.

The “Satanic sorcery” of vaccines?

On occasion, I’ve thought of inaugurating awards for the looniest quackery, alternative medicine, or antivaccination craziness of the year. I was thinking of calling them the Woo Awards, but I’ve never actually gotten off my lazy posterior to do the work it would take to set up some sort of voting system, and I’m not…