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Archives for October 13, 2007

Caption this

I don’t do this very often, but this picture of Pope Benedict XVI struck me as amusing: One suggested caption is here. Not bad, but surely my readers can do better than that. Add your own caption!

The Skeptical Surfer informs me of a rather disturbing programming decision by PBS: I first caught wind of the autism film “Beautiful Son” through the surfing community. Surf filmmaker Don King has an autistic son. Being a filmmaker, Don always has a video camera at hand and has documented his “journey” of discovering that his…

Zombie yoga?

Knowing a certain recurring character on this blog, I so wish I had the time to take a trip into New York City on Sunday afternoon to participate in this. How do you plan to spend next weekend? With 200 zombies. Doing Yoga. In New York. * Tattered clothes. Severed Limbs. Blood. Guts. Brains. The…