When Sylvia Browne met James Randi

Ever wonder what would happen if mendacious fake “psychic” Sylvia Browne ever met The Amazing Randi?

Now you know.

Sylvia just has to watch out for science.


  1. #1 Eamon Knight
    October 23, 2007

    I like how the face on the Erlenmeyer flask looks like a scarey verison of the one on the Kool-Aid jug.

  2. #2 Uncle Dave
    October 23, 2007

    My question is why she had to ask, who’s your friend?

    Questions to ask Sylvia;
    Does Sylvia answer knock knock jokes with, who’s there?
    Does Sylvia have an answering machine?

    On and on and on……..

  3. #3 Watt de Fawke
    October 23, 2007

    Wouldn’t she be required to know the person’s questions in advance? If they have to ask, how can she be psychic.

    I bear her no ill will, but only because the line is much too long.

  4. #4 MartinM
    October 24, 2007

    Ever wonder what would happen if mendacious fake “psychic” Sylvia Browne ever met The Amazing Randi?

    …well, no, because it’s already happened. With much the same results, actually.

  5. #5 blf
    October 27, 2007

    Today’s The Guardian has a story–including a short interview–with Brown, Is She for Real?:

    Sylvia Browne is famous for telling distraught parents where their missing children are – but she gets it wrong. A lot. So why does she still have such a massive following? Jon Ronson took a cruise with America’s most controversial psychic to find out

    It’s rather good, mentioning stopsylviabrowne.com; discusses cold calling and some of the other tricks Brown uses; Randi (but doesn’t mention the million dollar challenge); several examples (both on the cruise and from the past) of Brown getting being astonishingly mean, nasty, and/or making abusrd claims; and so on. For instance:

    [T]here is no doubt that she makes a fortune saying very serious, cruel, show-stopping things to people in distress, especially, it seems, when she’s in a grumpy mood.

  6. #6 blf
    October 27, 2007


    (Geek-speak for I meant Browne, not Brown.)

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