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Archives for November 6, 2007

Carnival barking

Two of my favorite blog carnivals have made their regular appearance today: The History Carnival #58 (hosted by fellow ScienceBlogger Aardvarchaeology) Grand Rounds, vol. 4, no. 7 Go forth and enjoy!

Over the weekend, it appears that a post of mine, in which I included a link to a video of comic Tim Slagle doing the comedy routine that, in my never-ending effort to live up to the stereotype of the humorless skeptic that the credulous like so much, I castigated for its misrepresentations of science…

A real death by homeopathy

For those who argue that homeopathy is harmless, here’s a story that shows what can happen when faith in quackery results in parents eschewing effective evdience-based medicine: NINE-MONTH-OLD Gloria Thomas was in such distress that her crying alarmed some passengers on a plane trip from India to Sydney. She had been overseas for two months…