The Onion on acupuncture

As usual, The Onion gets it right, particularly the part about all acupuncture being “fake” acupuncture.

By the way, this is the study the article is referring to. Meanwhile, Mark Crislip weighs in on this study and some other recent acupuncture studies.

Hmmm. Why should Dr. Crislip have all the fun. True, counting the study above, I have covered three of the studies1, 2, 3 he discussed in his podcast, but maybe I should take a look at the others…


  1. #1 Grackle
    November 25, 2007

    I’ve always wanted to ask an acupuncturist what meridians look like under the microscope. What stains highlight their structure?

  2. #2 notmercury
    November 25, 2007

    If The Onion skewers acupuncture, will it generate enough juice to power the podcast?

  3. #3 DLC
    November 25, 2007

    So, if I got some acupuncture needles and soaked them in homeopathic water, would it double the effect ?
    Well, as 2×0 = 0, I guess it wouldn’t matter.

  4. #4 Robster, FCD
    November 25, 2007

    I think I may have finally come across a use for homeopathy that makes sense! Take salt water, as it is a cause of dehydration, then dilute some several hundred times in regular water. Voila! A cure for dehydration! A pity it won’t be any better than tap, but this time it really works!

  5. #5 Kevin
    November 25, 2007

    I have chronic knee and calf pain. also assorted other pains on occassion.

    I was going to the acupuncturist for about six months, twice a month, $75 a shot. She would use up about 40-50 needles and start at my ear and end at my toes. (little chinese lady.)

    She would take her finger and poke .. here? does it hurt here? how about here? and sure enough it would hurt and she would stick the needle in and then it really hurt..for about 2 seconds. and then the knees…gosh that hurt.

    but she would hook up the electricity, put on the music and I would lay on the table and just start feeling good. If you get some nice golden light and feel like you are floating you have it made. session is 45 minutes after all needles are in.

    so then I went on vacation in august and made it back in september but then cause of work I cancelled my last appointment and I haven’t gone in, what 2 months?

    and man I am sore and I need to call to setup an appointment. It lasts for a while and for a few days I’m bouncing on my feet….

  6. #6 Kevin
    November 25, 2007

    “If it doesn’t matter where needles are placed, then, as expected, meridians have no anatomical or physiological meaning”

    She doesn’t go on much about meridians. she feels your pulse a few different places. asks how you are sleeping.
    If she puts a needle in an off place, I don’t really feel it going in. I am sure the needles open up blood flow and reduce inflamation.

    She said she went to an American because her knee was bad but the guy only put in 5 needles and didn’t know what he was doing. – maybe that’s the “fake” acupunture you are talking about.

    so on my knees I have an ACL and a scope on my left and a scope on my right. I’m too fat and get leg cramps…”Oh you need to take magnesium for your calfs….”

    So, people should try it and see if it helps….

  7. #7 Kevin
    November 26, 2007

    anybody else ever actually USE acupuncture?

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