Does it mean you’ve arrived as a blogger…

…when another blogger refers to your linking to him by adding “-lanche” to your ‘nym?

I can’t say I’ve ever had that happen to me before.


  1. #1 Coturnix
    December 16, 2007

    Short: yes.

    Did not happen to me yet…

  2. #2 Robert W. Donnell
    December 16, 2007

    Yes it does, and thanks for unexpected wee hours of Sunday morning -lanche.

  3. #3 DLC
    December 16, 2007

    Blog-o-Lanche ? Orac-o-lanche ? hmm. well, you put out a good blog, Orac.

  4. #4 Christophe Thill
    December 17, 2007

    Oraclanche ??? Boy, does that sound silly ! I really hate those words forged of bits and pieces hastily patched together (“lanche” in itself doesn’t mean anything). But, well, anyway, congratulations for the event itself…

  5. #5 Magsmanston
    December 17, 2007

    Christophe: Good job you don’t speak German, then ;oP

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