Your Friday Dose of Woo: Happy Holidays!

Orac’s circuits have yet to recover from the assault on his logic circuits caused by the über-woo of a couple of weeks ago, coupled with the even more powerful woo two weeks before that. Consequently, in order to marshal additional time scour the Internet for only the finest woo to be featured in 2008, he has decided that Your Friday Dose of Woo will take a brief but well-earned holiday hiatus. Fear now, however! There will, however, be at least one, if not two, other posts today, and YFDoW will return in 2008, bigger and badder than ever.

In the meantime, now that Christmas has passed, maybe Duke University has slashed prices on its “gift of woo” promotion.


  1. #1 Sastra
    December 29, 2007

    This seems to be a homeopathic Friday Dose of Woo — all woo has been removed, and yet — the memory lingers. And, till I just posted this comment, there were even no side effects (which seems to be one of homeopathy’s major selling points)

    Happy New Year, Orac ! 🙂

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