Religious crazies on parade

Thanks, PZ. Thanks a lot for posting what has to be one of the stupidest, most vile examples of an idiotic religious nut that I’ve seen in a long time. It was so bad that it has to be seen to be believed:

It hurt my brain just to look at this smug, smarmy twit gloat over his belief that Richard Dawkins (and Heath Ledger, for that matter) are now (in the case of Heath Ledger) or will be (in the case of Richard Dawkins) burning in hell for all eternity. It’s guaranteed to raise your blood pressure–unless you’re a hateful bigot as well. Thankfully, B-grade horror movie sound effects that wouldn’t have been out of place in Plan 9 from Outer Space show up at the end to provoke hysterical laughter at the silliness of it all. I can’t help but note that it’s truly appropriate that these brain-dead morons call themselves the King of Terrors ministry.

Actually, though, it would probably be more appropriate to call them the King of Clowns ministry, except that it would be an insult to clowns everywhere.

Ah, well, at least I can amuse myself with the antics of that even more hateful bunch of addled fundamentalists, the Westboro Baptist Church, as Ed Brayton tells us that chief nutcase “Reverend” Fred Phelps has issued an open letter to Heath Ledger’s family asking where the funeral service will be held, so that he and his fellow crazies can show up to do one of their patented hate-drenched “protests” against homosexuals because “Heath would want us to appear–in religious protest and as a warning to the living–that they should repent.” Gee, do you think Ledger’s family will tell them where the funeral will be?

I wonder.

Truly, you can’t make stuff like this up.


  1. #1 Brent McKee
    February 2, 2008

    The worst thing about computers and the Internet (worse even than online porn sites and viruses) is that everyone with a computer, a camera and a broadband connection suddenly thinks they’re John Ford or Steven Spielberg when in truth they aren’t even as good as Ed Wood. And they get to prove it to the world.

    And can the congregation at Westboro Baptist Church afford to fly to Australia? I’d be willing to contribute to a fund that would get them halfway there just so long as the airline promised to kick them out of the plane halfway there.

  2. #2 writerdd
    February 2, 2008

    Wow, cool, I want King of Terrors ministry to do my fake funeral!!

  3. #3 Ken Shabby
    February 2, 2008

    He accepts Jebus as his lord, which I would assume would royally piss off Jehovah. Perhaps this creting keeps confusing the two.

    The star of that show was the cat, which had more sense than the cretin.

    Apparently the cretin is also a Hollow Earth wackadoo.

  4. #4 Joe Fredette
    February 2, 2008

    wait– is Dawkins dead? What? I’m confused…


  5. #5 Fernmonkey
    February 2, 2008

    Joe: I sincerely hope not, but if he is dead then nobody on the internet seems to know about it.

  6. #6 MSII
    February 2, 2008

    Wow, where do I begin? His apparent difficulty in pronouncing words greater than 1 syllable? The fact that he had the foresight to burn his only suit? I don’t think his cultmates will be too happy when they find out he burnt the effigy reserved for Richard Dawkins Pinata day at Christ camp

  7. #7 MSII
    February 2, 2008

    I do have to give props for the use of the haunting Doom II sounds he ripped off.

  8. #8 Chemgeek
    February 2, 2008

    That poor cat almost got caught up in the “hell fire” too. Right before he throws the match (yeah, I watched it and feel dirty for doing it)a cat moseyed over. Once the flame take off the cat darts away to safety. See, there was something good in that pile of sh*t.

  9. #9 royniles
    February 2, 2008

    Fred Phelps has said that the only justifiable homosexual act is the kissing of Jesus’ ass to avoid the allure of the devil.

  10. #10 Roy Harrold
    February 2, 2008

    Yup. That was truly disgusting and the people behind it are loathsome.

    I think one of the reasons that reading Skeptic’s Circle archives made me so angry, is that I found myself at some points having thoughts like: “maybe Mao wasn’t so wrong after all”, and that’s not a thought that someone like me should even be capable of entertaining.

    I sometimes feel like I’m being driven into the role of a Marat, leading an angry mob of peasants up the path toward a castle of ivory towers. I don’t want to be on that side of the equation. I’m concerned about my friends and relatives who are academics and who face irrational hate-mongering from the kind of people who made this video. I’m concerned that there may not be many time-flowers left to pluck.

    I apologize if I made anyone feel threatened with what I posted below. I harbor no genuine animosity toward you. Nevertheless, I plead with you to discard the witch-hunting strategy and behaviour. That really is likely to provoke even more angry, hateful thoughts about you.

  11. #11 Shiritai
    February 2, 2008


    Speak clearly, dangit! What “witch-hunting strategy and behaviour” are you talking about? Please stop beating around the bush.

  12. #12 Julie Stahlhut
    February 2, 2008

    The Phelps mob writes a letter to a grieving family, expressing an intention to disrupt their son’s funeral, and the people who find this offensive are the ones who are on a witch hunt?

    Makes me want to go out and fight a war on Christmas.

  13. #13 Acleron
    February 3, 2008

    Tell me again, just where do they get their moral values from?

  14. #14 joe
    February 3, 2008

    What a bunch of rubes! Did it ever occur to any of you that this video is a JOKE? It not only occurred to me—it’s OBVIOUS. Remember the Church Lady on SNL? I don’t want to spoil your Sunday morning or anything—but that wasn’t a real church lady—it was Dana Carvey!

  15. #15 Marcus Ranum
    February 3, 2008

    Surely they’re a disinformation campaign sponsored by some of those evil aggressive atheists we hear so much about.

    It doesn’t quite make it as parody, though, because nobody could really be that stupid.

  16. #16 J. J. Ramsey
    February 3, 2008

    joe: “What a bunch of rubes! Did it ever occur to any of you that this video is a JOKE?”

    If the initial part weren’t so ponderous, it might have occurred to us. I’d expect even a bad satirist faking a fundie preacher to be more hammy than the guy in the real video.

  17. #17 Escuerd
    February 3, 2008

    Well, it would be nice if someone could give the WBC false information as to where the Ledger funeral would be held and made them waste all of their money flying out to Australia without having the satisfaction of getting to picket the funeral.

    However, if I were in Ledger’s family, it likely wouldn’t be the first thing on my mind, and I’d probably rather just ignore it entirely due to the impropriety of the whole thing.

  18. #18 DLC
    February 4, 2008

    Could this be a parody ?
    If not, it’s evil stuff. Un-Christian. At least it’s un-christian in theory. In practice, it’s not. It’s entirely typical of Christian sects to show dismissal, disdain or even outright hatred for those who do not “toe the mark”.
    Typical of exclusivist cults, they learn to hate what isn’t their own.

  19. #19 Fred Mim
    February 8, 2008

    So is the guy in the video Larry, Darryl, or his other brother Darryl?

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