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Archives for February 22, 2008

Submit now! Or the orbs will get you!

With the invasion of the orbs discussed earlier today, it’s become apparent to me that now, more than ever, a healthy dose of skepticism and critical thinking is imperative. Fortunately, the Skeptics’ Circle is fast approaching and due to land on Thursday, February 28 at the Conspiracy Factory. So, if you’re a skeptical blogger who…

Sometimes woo jumps out and hits you from sources from which you least expect it. Such was the case earlier this week, when I found my self in Detroit lazily watching a local newscast. Now, I realize that local news is not the place to look for skepticism. Heck, just the other day, I mentioned…


I have to hand it to Abel Pharmboy. No one else I know would live-blog his own vasectomy. Even though my traffic is greater than his, he’s definitely trumped me as a blogger today.