Respectful Insolence

Don’t annoy the radiologist…

…or so says #1 Dinosaur, who was buried under a blizzard of radiology reports.

I tend to agree up to a point, but the only problem from my perspective is this: Until recently, it was not at all uncommon for me to get seemingly millions of copies of every radiology report for mammography, ultrasound, and core needle biopsies on my patients. There’s a preliminary report, a final report, an amended report, a report with the pathology report added, a report with the pathology report and the estrogen/progesterone receptor status added, and then multiple copies of the final report. We ended up either shredding them or shipping them out through a company hired to take care of the disposal of HIPAA-sensitive patient reports.

Come to think of it, this sort of thing happened a lot with pathology reports, too. Veritable forests of trees must have died to produce all this wasteful duplication of effort.


  1. #1 AnnR
    April 7, 2008

    For every report there are 10 copies of there is another that somehow got “lost”.

    I know that because it’s always mine.

  2. #2 Dianne
    April 7, 2008

    Isn’t this sort of thing what electronic records were invented for?

  3. #3 Beth
    April 7, 2008

    Then god forbid they decide to sue someone; each set of lawyers gets a copy, who then make three to seven copies to send to their experts, plus one copy for each paralegal, one for the court, and by the time the copy girl gets done with all this, the case settles and it all has to get shredded and the shredder can only hold about 300 pages, so it take at least a dozen garbage bags. (I’ve been there)

  4. #4 Dianne
    April 7, 2008

    Off topic, do you know about this already?

  5. #5 Dianne
    April 7, 2008

    Off topic, do you know about this already?

  6. #6 #1 Dinosaur
    April 7, 2008

    Thanks for the mention. I too end up with preliminary, final and amended reports. The one I received 10 times was actually something I’d never seen before: a “superceded” report; just a reprint of the report with an addendum discussing the path report — which I’d also received directly from the lab.

  7. #7 The Integral
    April 7, 2008

    haha! If my mother had the right sense of humor, I’d send this to her, as she’s a radiologist………as her kid (kiddult, I’m 24) , I find this quite amusing….

    good one Orac……lol

    The Integral of athenivanidx

  8. #8 Scytale
    April 8, 2008

    They are metastasing.

  9. #9 Tim Murtaugh
    April 8, 2008


  10. #10 brstpathdoc
    April 9, 2008

    There’s just no pleasing a surgeon.

  11. #11 brstpathdoc
    April 9, 2008

    Addendum: There’s just no pleasing a surgeon (see comment)
    Comment: Please correlate clinically.

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