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Archives for August 11, 2008

Look what Bora‘s doing with poor Professor Steve Steve: And what’s poor Charles Darwin got to do with it? No wonder Jason‘s looking on in bemusement–or perhaps puzzlement.

Seen and photographed on E. 44th St., about a block or two from the United Nations building:

Seen in a bookstore in the Delta terminal at LaGuardia: It makes perfect sense. What’s left after fleecing millions of gullible readers selling books about “alternative” medicine and secret cures “they” don’t want you to know about? Fleecing millions of gullible readers by selling books rife financial scams, of course. (I wonder how many pyramid…

Wiki woo?

While I was away over the weekend, a reader made me aware of a new development in the world of “alternative”–excuse me, “complementary and alternative”–medicine (a.k.a. CAM). I suppose I should have seen this coming. In retrospect, given the proliferation of wikis of seemingly every shape and for seemingly every purpose, it was inevitable that…