Having finally hosted the Skeptics’ Circle myself last week after a long absence and having had a blast doing it to celebrate the 100th Meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle, I know it’s time for me once again to turn over the reins to the next host, who will inaugurate the beginning of what will (I hope) become the second 100 Meetings of the Skeptics’ Circle.

Scheduled to take on that task is Mike Meadon at Ionian Enchantment this coming Thursday, December 4. So, please, help Mike out with your best skeptical blogging. Let’s get the second 100 of the Skeptics’ Circle going with a bang!


  1. #1 Graculus
    November 30, 2008

    Orac, could you do something about the technorati widget that keeps trying to download? It throws up a little in my browser every time I visit.

  2. #2 Barry Leiba
    November 30, 2008

    I’ve been wondering: Why was the blogcarnival.com entry for the Skeptics’ Circle abandoned, and why aren’t submissions done there? It’s far easier to do that than to go find the upcoming host in the list, visit the host’s web page, find the host’s email address (which isn’t always obvious), and send email. Skeptics’ Circle is the only carnival I follow that doesn’t use blogcarnival.com.

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