Archives for December 4, 2008

Best review of Expelled! ever?

It may well be; Roger Ebert has finally gotten around to reviewing Expelled! Short version: He didn’t like it. Long version: He really, really didn’t like it. I knew there was a reason I liked Roger Ebert.

Was Nazi science good science?

I’ve long had an interest in World War II history. Ever since I was around 11 or 12 years old, a major portion of my reading diet has consisted of books and articles about World War II. Back when I was young, my interest was, as you might expect, primarily the battles. The military history…

A 10-month wait for a mammogram?

A small part of me is glad that my inquiries a while back to get a job at Northwestern University in Chicago came to nothing when I read stuff like this on, of all places, Julie Deardorff’s blog: Next appointment? Sept. 21, 2009 It now takes 10 months to get an appointment for a regular…