Submit! Submit to the Skeptics’ Circle

Well, now. With the long four day weekend that many of us here in the U.S. have enjoyed finally over, it’s time to get back to serious business. Serious, but fun. I’m referring to the upcoming 125th Meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle, which will be held at Effort Sisyphus on Thursday, December 3. That means there are less than three days for you to get your submissions of skepticism, science, and critical thinking over to Techskeptic according to his instructions here.

For more specific guidelines of what we’re looking for in the Skeptics’ Circle, go here.

And don’t let Techskeptic down! Apparently the tryptophan-induced food coma from all that turkey consumption has led our usual posse of skeptics to neglect their duties. Techskeptic needs more submissions if he’s going to make this latest installment of the Circle yet another successful outing.


  1. #1 Rene Najera
    November 30, 2009

    Hey, Orac, you might want to look up “Desiree Jennings” on Wikipedia. The entry itself is not so bad. Click on the “discussion” tab atop the page. Your old friend “Brian” (known as JalusBrian on Youtube and Wikipedia) made sure to mention your blog.
    Oh, as for the Skeptics’ Circle… Uh, I’ve got nothing.

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