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Happy Holidays

I think that David Bowie and Bing Crosby say it best: Yeah, I know I’ve become a heathen, but I still love this song and this particular performance.

When Santa met Jack Bauer

It’s Christmas, and I hope that those of you who celebrate the day are having a merry one. Personally, I’m taking the day off from any substantive blogging, instead electing to post quickie holiday-themed stuff that amuses me. Still, it might not be so merry if everyone’s favorite elf happened to have met the wrong…

Santa Claus a fascist? Say it ain’t so!

With Santa beginning his journey through the world to deliver presents to all the good boys and girls, someone sent me a profoundly disturbing video: I knew it! I knew it! Santa gives away things; so he must be a liberal. But if you listen to Jonah Goldberg, Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh, you know…