Respectful Insolence

Well, this certainly explains a lot…

…about the internecine warfare that breaks out from time to time around ScienceBlogs. At times we do appear to be a lot like professional wrestling.

Can you find Orac in there?


  1. #1 Bob O'H
    March 14, 2010

    Yeah, it’s a bit unkind of whoever it was to use you as a projectile.

  2. #2 jivlain
    March 14, 2010

    I would have imagined that you would have been in the process of colliding with someone’s head, too.

  3. #3 Landru
    March 14, 2010

    The hot pink shorts are certainly stylish.

  4. #4 triskelethecat
    March 14, 2010

    Actually, Orac, I knew you right away. Looks JUST like you.

  5. #5 MikeMa
    March 14, 2010

    I was actually hoping for a ray blast from Orac rather than a brute force physical contact method shown. Gets the job done but lacks finesse…

  6. #6 The Perky Skeptic
    March 14, 2010

    Intellect from above!!!! :D

  7. #7 ancientTechie
    March 14, 2010

    Who knew Orac could fly?

  8. #8 Denice Walter
    March 14, 2010

    I would have preferred an image of an extremely bored “Professor Orac” stifling a yawn as he exits the uncouth scene.

  9. #9 Scottynuke
    March 14, 2010

    Self-deprecating humor is why science-based bloggers are made of WIN! *L*

  10. #10 Enkidu
    March 14, 2010

    It’s Orac off the top rope!

  11. #11 DrWonderful
    March 14, 2010

    I thought your were blonder and snarkier looking?

  12. #12 bill
    March 14, 2010

    off topic but one of the ads on the right side tried to load a trojan on my computer. Hope everyone has good anti-virus.

  13. #13 DLC
    March 14, 2010

    As I posted elsewhere:
    Orac: “You’ll have to toss me. . .
    Don’t tell ERV “

  14. #14 realinterrobang
    March 14, 2010

    The biggest laugh-out-loud moment I had when I saw that was when I spotted Orac.

  15. #15 nsib
    March 14, 2010

    Even in the context of pro wrestling, that was way too much for me to suspend my disbelief. I mean really, a silent Orac? That makes about as much sense as a pacifist heel.

  16. #16 Phoenix Woman
    March 14, 2010

    Wow, Orac’s really Spike Dudley!

  17. #17 LC
    March 14, 2010

    @nsib “I mean really, a silent Orac?”

    Not at all – you just have to be clear about it.

    ORAC: Define the words ‘Shut up’.
    Blake: Stop talking. Do not speak. Be silent.
    ORAC: That is better. Our relationship will be best served if your statements are free of ambiguity. *Shuts up*

    Of course being thrown across a wrestling mosh pit could have the same effect for a while.

  18. #18 Kristen
    March 15, 2010

    Orac, you are the palest one in there. Get some sun.

  19. #19 Chris
    March 15, 2010

    Um, who are all the folks there? Actually, I am more interested the in the folks I follow. I know the flying plastic box is Orac, but which one is PalMD?

  20. #20 Anne
    March 15, 2010

    Is that an octopus tat on PZ Myers?

  21. #21 Uncle Glenny
    March 15, 2010

    Has anyone identified them all somewhere?

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