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Talking Science

Jack Franchetti, an expert in media and communication skills, coaches two Intel ISEF Finalists on their presentations. Click To Play

Caffeine and Peppers

Daniel Posch from Hillcrest High School in Midvale, Utah took these photos of contrasting stimulants… Check out more ISEF snapshots on Flickr. And if you haven’t yet, upload your own photos and videos.

Puerto Rican Spirit

Robbi Bishop-Taylor from Forster Australia took this great video of a Puerto Rican cheer at the pin exchange.

One of the great things about the international nature of the Fair is the insight some projects provide on the problems facing their home countries and regions. Take for instance the team project in Plant Science by Eduardo Manuel Soares Guerreiro, Estela Da Silva Guerreiro, and Rita Catarina Ramos Pimenta dos Santos Silva from Odemira,…

Who’s Your Favorite Scientist?

Some surprising answers and an unsurprising favorite….Finalist Susannah Clary from Albuquerque reports.

New Friends

Kelvin Chiong of Sarawak, Malaysia posted this cool photo of the Malaysian and Brazilian delegations, and some other friends: Share your photos, too. Post them to Flickr with the tag “intelisef.”

Soaring High Above It All

Alex Griffin, an Alaskan student observer at this year’s Intel ISEF, snapped these choice photos during an afternoon hot air balloon ride over Albuquerque, which was just one of the many tours offered through the Fair organizers. You can view the full set of twenty pictures in higher resolution here. Thanks for sharing, Alex!

Lonnie Julian of Baxter, Tennessee on winning at science fairs.

Cosmic Rays

Intel interviewed Holly Batchelor of Scotland about her cosmic ray project.

A Check-in from China

Earlier last week, we had the privilege to speak with Chang Liu, a first-time Intel ISEF finalist from Beijing, about her project and her impressions of the US and the Fair. The short Q&A is below the fold.