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The Intelligent Design Sort

To heck with bubble sort, selection sort, insertion sort, and all the rest. Yes, all of those algorithms were intelligently design, but none of them follow the precepts of Intelligent Design.

And, now, David Morgan-Mar gives us Intelligent Design Sort.

(found via Steve Jackson Games)


  1. #1 Taylor Murphy
    May 23, 2007

    Haha, nice. I love the little feedback at the end too.

  2. #2 Brian Thompson
    May 23, 2007

    Here’s some pseudo-code:

    LIST ID_Sort(LIST list)
    {if(list)//already sorted! Praise the sorter!

  3. #3 Rob Knop
    May 23, 2007

    Brian — the best part of your pseudo code is that the return value is undefined if the list isn’t already sorted! 🙂


  4. #4 csrster
    May 24, 2007

    if(list)//already sorted

    I’m _appaled_. This step is clearly questioning the perfection of the Sorter!

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