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A while back I blogged about an idea floated by Morton Kondracke: That George W. Bush should try to become the “science” president by emphasizing, in his State of the Union speech, themes of global scientific competitiveness and the need to ensure that the good old USA is leading the pack. Well, it now seems…

The Hansen Fallout

House Science Committee chair Sherry Boehlert–who has countered attacks on science before–isn’t going to stand for the current games at NASA that are being played to restrict scientists from speaking. In a letter to NASA administrator Michael Griffin, Boehlert writes the following:

Call me crazy, but I’ve agreed to appear at 1 pm ET, for half an hour, on the Bob Dutko Show. Here is how it’s described on the show’s website: In addition to interviews, the show offers up a steady stream of faith building information and apologetics. In addition to faith in Jesus Christ, Bob…

Juliet Eilperin, too, had a front page story in the Post yesterday about global warming. Alas, it wasn’t as juicy as the Times piece about James Hansen (though it included a bit about him). It was mainly about the future risk of dangerous or abrupt climate change, but I found myself puzzled by the story…

The Big Climate News

Well, folks, Andy Revkin has done it again. Previously I have written about how Revkin has basically broken every major story about abuses of climate science, and climate scientists, by the Bush administration. And I must say, it’s quite a litany of abuses. That’s why I’m glad that so many bloggers (here, here, and here)…

Junk Science Writing

Almost a year ago the Washington Post, following on my own work in Mother Jones, reported on Fox News “junk science” columnist Steven Milloy’s ties to ExxonMobil. The piece was by Howard Kurtz, and it included a reaction from Milloy:

Media Matters has the latest on dubious statements about science by the editorial page of this seemingly august paper. It seems that two ed page folks have claimed that new findings about methane emissions from trees somehow undercut the case for concern about human caused global warming.

Global Warming Day

There has been a ton of news lately on the climate change front. This is just to let all of you know that I have been assimilating it all, and will be blogging furiously about it tomorrow. I’m devoting the whole day–heck, perhaps the whole week–to this subject. Standby….

Bloggus Interruptus

Folks, I’ve been traveling, and while I thought I would be able to blog more on this trip (to Berkeley, CA), it hasn’t happened due to technical difficulties and general fatigue. That’s too bad, because there’s a lot that I want to be writing about. But I’m afraid that I’m not going to be back…

Brits on Evolution

Allegedly the British populace is not nearly so pro-evolution as one might assume. That’s the finding of a survey just released in connection with a BBC special, but I’m a bit skeptical of the results in at least one respect.