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Bloggus Interruptus

Folks, I’ve been traveling, and while I thought I would be able to blog more on this trip (to Berkeley, CA), it hasn’t happened due to technical difficulties and general fatigue. That’s too bad, because there’s a lot that I want to be writing about. But I’m afraid that I’m not going to be back at it until Monday….


  1. #1 Daniel
    January 27, 2006

    Are you speaking/book signing here in Berkeley?

  2. #2 Fred Bortz
    January 29, 2006

    I’m eager to see what you have to say about Andrew Revkin’s NY Times reporting on the Bush administration’s attempt to silence NASA scientist James Hansen on global warming.

    I blogged about it in an article I call “Bush Solution to Global Warming: Put Facts in the Deep Freeze.

  3. #3 Chris Mooney
    January 29, 2006

    No, no talks in Berkeley this time around. Looks like I’ll be doing another book tour in Sept when the paperback of RWOS releases, so perhaps then….

  4. #4 hardindr
    January 29, 2006

    Chris, why didn’t you do more to promote your interview on Point of Inquiry? I thought it was pretty good.

  5. #5 Chris Mooney
    January 29, 2006

    Sorry, if you could only see my perspective–I do a lot of these interviews, I can’t really flag each and every last one. I should do a better job of it, I admit.

  6. #6 hardindr
    January 30, 2006

    I just thought you would mention it since you used to work for CFI…

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