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Waiting for the Future to Arrive

If San Francisco really gets municipal wireless, I am moving there out of sheer principle….

Not Too “Bright”

I didn’t mean to launch a name game yesterday with my remarks about Daniel Dennett and the “brights” label, but that’s what seems to have happened. More than fifty comments came in, many of them suggesting various ways in which atheists ought to be relabled: “humanist,” “freethinker,” and many others, including some amusing ones like…

Slamming Dennett

Everyone has been buzzing lately about Leon Wieseltier’s nasty review of Daniel Dennett’s new book, Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon. I haven’t read Dennett’s new book yet, but having read and been impressed by his previous book Darwin’s Dangerous Idea–and, furthermore, finding Wieseltier’s take to be extremely nasty–I must confess my suspicion…

Brian Montopoli, of CBS’s “Public Eye,” talked with Scott Pelley recently about his “60 Minutes” global warming special. Pelley explains that he deliberately did not talk to those voices who remain skeptical of the science: “It would be irresponsible of us to go find some scientist somewhere who is not thought of as being eminent…

The Latest Crichton News

State of Fear is back in the top 100 books on, presumably thanks to the news that Bush read it. Meanwhile, Rush Limbaugh, who’s probably driving plenty of those sales, has this to say about Crichton’s book:

A Picture From My Weekend

Why is it that all birdwatching trips seem to end up the same way: You trudge along lengthy forest trails and freeze your ass off, only to find at the very end that the bird you were searching for was sitting in the parking lot the whole time? Such was my experience this weekend.

Gaggle Me

A week ago, I

As it’s President’s Day and I plan on seizing the opportunity to get some writing done, I won’t be blogging much. But I will leave you with something very worth of contemplation on the subject of how scientists can sucessfully combat attacks on their expertise and various assorted misinformation campaigns.

The Times Gets Crichton

Finally, the major media pick up the story I’ve been flogging all week. The Times piece is relatively bare-bones, but it does contain something revealing. You see, the paper asked the White House to comment on the Bush-meets-Crichton story. And not only was the Crichton meeting confirmed; Bush was dug into a deeper hole by…

A Question of Leadership

As many bloggers have noticed, with the latest revelations about NASA and other agencies, the Republican war on science continues apace. But what’s driving it? Clearly, the acts of scientific censorship that have made so much news lately have been coming from political appointees in press or public affairs offices. This fits the thesis of…