The Intersection

My Crazy, Crazy June

Well, folks, I’m off to Pasadena tomorrow; the debate with Ron Bailey is Saturday. I may blog more about it here if I need feedback on any particular point as I prep my arguments today and, once I arrive at the hotel in Pasadena, tomorrow.

Meanwhile, as thing are likely to be bumpy, here is what you can expect from me for the rest of the month blog- and speech-wise; turns out I’m venturing into a lot of new areas:

June 4-8: After Pasadena, I am retreating to a family house north of Flagstaff, Arizona to get some writing done. No Internet, may not even be a phone. So there will definitely be no blogging.

June 9: Speech in Vegas at Yearly Kos, on a panel featuring Wes Clark, PZ Myers, Wendy Northcutt, and Stephen Darksyde. Really looking forward to this event. Details here. There will also be a book signing in the afternoon at Yearly Kos. (I may also attend the Science Bloggers caucus at Yearly Kos the previous day.)

June 9-11: I change hats (to a lampshade) and become part of a Vegas bachelor party….

June 12-17: Relatively normal, I’m in DC blogging and researching/writing.

June 17: Head down to New Orleans, hopefully there will not be any storms in the Gulf at this time.

June 21: My “homecoming” speech in New Orleans (I’ve never given a talk there before). Garden District Book Shop, 5 to 7 pm. More details here. My mom is throwing a nice reception for me before the talk begins. Free booze if you’re local and come by.

June 22: Big speech in Houston to the Texas Freedom Network, their “Faith & Freedom Speaker Series.” Details here.

June 24: High school best friend’s wedding in New Orleans. Fifty percent chance that I get all sentimental.

June 26: Head back to DC; close out the month in relatively normal fashion.

So, those who are interested can catch me in Pasadena, Vegas, New Orleans, or Houston this month. I hope to see some new blog-reading faces…