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Off to Vegas

Well, I’ve just spent three days writing…the “manuscript” is starting to actually look like something where the scare quotes can be removed around that word….But now I must shift into public speaking mode again. Tomorrow the rent car and I will be heading from Flagstaff slightly northwest to Las Vegas, which should make for a very pretty drive. I’m not sure if I’ll get to Sin City in time for the Yearly Kos Science Bloggers Caucus tomorrow (schedule here), but I will certainly be ready to speak alongside PZ, General Clark, and Wendy Northcutt Friday morning. More generally, I am getting very psyched for Yearly Kos; EVERYONE seems to be heading to Vegas this weekend….and, as I said before, it will be an honor to meet General Clark, and to address the Netroots….

P.S.: Thanks to everyone who offered helpful suggestions with respect to the hacking problem. I have been secluded in AZ largely without Internet, so dealing with it has been a real pain in the ass. But I think things will be better soon, and that a permanent redirect will be set up from my old site so that it takes you straight here. It’s something I should frankly have done quite a long time ago….


  1. #1 Kian
    June 9, 2006

    I just watched you speech – sadly not in person… but the streams on AAR are pretty good.
    I wanted to say, you’re a great speaker – and your points were great, you were a fantastic follow up to Clark.
    Huge thanks, and huge props to the great delivery.

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