The Intersection

Check it out here. Key quote: “It’s so important that we continue to fight against right-wing efforts to hijack and distort science for their own partisan purposes.” Amen to that…


  1. #1 Jon Winsor
    June 12, 2006

    I wonder if Clarke’s interest in the war on science has anything to do with recent goings on at the Pentagon. There’s a new book out by a defense department reporter and it’s called Imaginary Weapons : A Journey Through the Pentagon’s Scientific Underworld:

    The Pentagon’s fascination with fringe science is old news, writes veteran defense reporter Weinberger in this incisive study, but the Bush administration has pushed it to new levels of wackiness.

    Sharon Weinberger says, among other things, that peer review in the Pentagon has deteriorated, and that scientific opinions are dismissed on a regular basis.

    NPR has an interview: She says some really interesting things about 11 minutes in and also around 19 minutes.

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