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Is That How It Will End?

For the first time (at least that I’ve noticed), the Joint Typhoon Warning Center makes it explicit–Supertyphoon Ioke may ultimately hit Japan. Granted, it will have weakened by then–but still. Here’s how they put it:

…for causing so very many people so very much depression and angst. Reading this reaction to my book recently on a blog, I thought to myself, wow, it sounds like countless other reactions I’ve gotten from folks: Reading these two books back to back [mine and Esther Kaplan’s] is a tough thing to do, since…

This storm has less than 24 hours over water before getting acquainted with the Carolinas. But Ernesto is already stronger than it has been in quite a while: 55 mph winds, 996 mb of pressure. It’s forecast to strengthen further, but it’s all a question of how much…. Update: One possible answer to my question…

Conventional, to the Last

I first heard of the Boston Globe columnist Alex Beam several years ago when he wrote a wrongheaded attack on the then-new phenomenon known as “blogging.” Bloggers quickly eviscerated him; among other things, Beam had failed to comprehend one of their April Fool’s jokes. As Catherine Seipp later summarized in the American Journalism Review:

Take One Last Look

If Supertyphoon Ioke keeps its present course, Wake Island will look very different after the 50 foot waves (and higher) have passed…. P.S.: Larger image available here. See also NASA’s terrifying size comparison between the gigantic Supertyphoon and the tiny island.

A lot of folks have asked me to come speak in this area for quite a long time. And now, it’s finally happened. We’ve just added these bookstore events:

What’s the Record?

When Hurricane Ioke went out of the range of the Central Pacific Hurricane Center and crossed the International Dateline, the last update said this: IOKE COULD ENTER THE RECORD BOOKS FOR LONGEVITY AS A CATEGORY 4 OR GREATER STORM.

I’ve just put up a link on the left to the GoogleVideo version of my UCSD-TV interview with Naomi Oreskes, which I think is one of my best interviews. You can watch it here. This is the beginning of my quest to create some sort of YouTube or other archive of videos of some of…

Lie by Lie

Mother Jones has just put up an amazing timeline of the march to war with Iraq. It runs from August, 1990, up through 2003. It’s incredible. You need to check it out here.

The Dreaded Pinhole Eye

Something fascinating and more than a little spooky is happening right now with Hurricane John in the eastern Pacific. The storm is undergoing rapid intensifcation, so rapid that it has developed what forecasters call a “pinhole eye”–an extremely tight eyewall contraction evident in the image above. The same thing happened when Hurricane Wilma put on…