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Scenes from ARHP

I’ve just gotten some of the pictures from my Thursday talk in La Jolla at the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals conference. They look great, thanks to Holly Connor for taking them. Here they are:


That’s me using some audiovisual effects during my talk. If you want to know what it is that I’m actually doing, come out and hear me speak!


Meanwhile, that’s me laughing at what is probably one of my own jokes….


After the talk, I received the ARHP “Preserving Core Values in Science” award from president & CEO Wayne Shields. Mimi Zieman, an M.D. who chaired the session where I spoke, is also in the picture.


And here I am with Linda Dominguez, Assistant Medical Director Planned Parenthood of New Mexico. Linda knows karate and totally kicked my butt one evening (not pictured).


And finally, here’s a picture of me with ARHP medical director Beth Jordan, as I take a rest from signing books. The thing you can barely see in my left hand is a beer. I needed a break by then.

Hope you enjoyed these. I’m trying to make this blog more visual, and I think this is a good start….


  1. #1 Wayne
    September 12, 2006

    Nice tie!
    PS: you were a big hit

  2. #2 Shama
    September 13, 2006

    I do hope you received enough practice signing paperback copies of your book! Thank you for signing mine!

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