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The Last Speech (For a While)

As usual, being on the road is starting to wear on me a little bit…but there’s one more talk tonight, and then I hole myself up again to work on the hurricane book. This one is in Santa Fe:

Friday, September 29

7:00 PM-8:30 PM

College of Santa Fe

The Forum

Santa Fe, NM

Meanwhile, Dietram Scheufele also blogged my appearance eariler this week in Madison, WI. As he puts it: “Mooney is one of the very few writers in D.C. at the moment who understand the importance of successful strategic communication about emerging technologies, and who is able to articulate this message very succinctly. We are not just seeing a ‘war’ on science by some policy makers, but we are also seeing attempts on both sides of the aisle to reframe scientific issues around moral values and belief systems of the respective political bases.”

Exactly. It’s time to stop losing the communications battle over scientific information–period.


  1. #1 John Hellier
    September 29, 2006

    Just got back from your talk at College of Santa Fe. Enjoyed it.

    Is the problem with the abuse of a science more a reflection of our society, one that does not value education and does not promote critical thinking?

    As far as who we have in office, there are no rules in a democracy that say you have to be rational or informed to vote.

    Thanks again and hopefully that wasn’t just another choir practice.


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