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The Wraps on San Francisco

Karl J. Mogel was there last night at Booksmith in Haight-Ashbury, and he’s got a long rundown on the talk, plus lotsa pictures like the one above. Check it out.

KPFA Morning Show

I’ll be on this show from 8:30 to 9:00 am PT, or 11:30 to 12 pm ET today. I realize that’s not a lot of notice. But you should be able to figure out how to listen in from here….

Scenes from ARHP

I’ve just gotten some of the pictures from my Thursday talk in La Jolla at the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals conference. They look great, thanks to Holly Connor for taking them. Here they are:

Scientist Foot-Shooting

In my new talk, I strongly emphasize that scientists need to be strategically aware of how they are communicating their knowledge and their results in politically contentious areas. If they’re not careful, not only might they communicate badly–but what they say might actually backfire.

I’ve got a busy day tomorrow in the Bay Area. So busy, unfortunately, that I probably won’t have any time to track Hurricane Flo, which could be our most damaging storm of the year. I also doubt I’ll be watching the perhaps-soon-to-be Tropical Storm Gordon, or keeping an eye on ShanShan in the Pacific.

More Linkage

My ScienceBlogging brothers and sisters have been checking out The Republican War on Science in paperback, and I appreciate recent reactions from the following (in no particular order): Uncertain Principles, Respectful Insolence, Thoughts from Kansas, Afarensis, Dispatches from the Culture Wars, Discovering Biology in a Digital World, Mike the Mad Biologist, the Scientific Activist, Dr.…

Size Matters

Flo is getting organized, finally. Maximum sustained winds are at 70 mph, and minimum central pressure is now 990 mb. By the next advisory this storm may be classified as a hurricane (if it isn’t one already). The media, I’m sure, must be getting very excited.


TS Florence is giving the forecasters a hell of a time. They can’t see any real reason why it hasn’t strengthened–but it hasn’t. Chalk up another mystery to the weird Atlantic hurricane season of 2006. As forecaster Lixion Avila amusingly puts it in his latest discussion, which follows upon multiple prior predictions of intensification that…

Having done a lot of traveling and speaking, I’ve come to know very well that there are better and worse days in terms of how well a talk comes off, how many of the things-that-inevitably-go-wrong actually go really wrong, and so forth. By these lights, yesterday was a near perfect day and a really great…


Don’t look now…but the latest forecast has Florence as a strong Category 2 storm hitting Bermuda in 96 hours. Of course, that’s still a long range outlook subject to the usual caveats and uncertainties. I don’t know how vulnerable Bermuda is to hurricanes due to geography and such. But you know they’ve got to be…