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Back Into the Vortex


Dear Friends: I’ve been having a massively fun time blogging like hell these past few weeks. It feels like old times. However, I now have to go (kicking and screaming) back to work for a bit, to put finishing touches on Storm World. The idea is to be at least mostly done with various editing minutiae before I ship off to San Francisco on Thursday.

So, I’m declaring blog hiatus for a brief few days, much as I hate doing it…but I’ll be back soon. I hope to blog from San Francisco and Chicago, actually, if I can. Wish me luck….


  1. #1 Dano
    February 13, 2007

    Kick some butt, Chris.



  2. #2 bfish
    February 14, 2007

    If you didn’t see The Daily Show last night, you might want to watch the rerun today. Jon Stewart had a guest on who has written “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming.” Stewart had no idea what to ask this man and was not able to challenge any of his assertions. I don’t blame him for this lack of knowledge, but, in his position, he should learn the basics. A lot of people watch that show. It wasn’t as bad as “Hannity and Colmes” a few weeks back – in which their fair and balanced reporting allowed them to present two competing scientists, BOTH OF WHOM agreed that humans were not causing global warming – but it wasn’t great either.
    Any chance on you getting on that show again as a counter, or maybe calling them to suggest other guests they could get? I don’t know if they’d pay any attention if I e-mailed them that the most compelling talks I have seen were from Nate Lewis of Caltech, Steven Chu of Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, and Tim Flannery.

  3. #3 Timcol
    February 16, 2007


    Don’t know if you look at Uncommon Descent, but lately there’s been quite a few posts on global warming. Of course their stance on the subject is quite predictable, but if you haven’t seen some of their blog entries it would be worth a look. Here’s a sample of the sort of nonsense that is being espoused over there (from DaveScot, their stand-in for an actual scientist)

    “Haste makes waste and the global warming hysteria is nothing but haste driven purely by sensationalism and socialist/left leaning political bodies who want increased control over the world economy. That’s all global warming alarmism really is – a political power grab.”

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