The Intersection Piece on Bush’s Lie

I have just contributed an item to the website about Bush’s (or to be more precise, his administration’s) lying on the subject of global warming. Twenty comments have flown in so far. Feel free to head on over there and discuss…I may need backup. Heh.


  1. #1 Karl
    February 26, 2007

    I went to the Gather site, read the article and the comments and tried to comment. It kept not liking ny choices for user name, so I will leave my comment here since it is for your information.
    One commenter referred to the Medieval Warm Period and I think that you said you weren’t familiar with it (or something, doesn’t matter). The point is that that is commonly used as a (attempted) refutation of current warming. BUT, according to
    the MWP and Little Ice Age are myths. He shows a temperature graph that shows a continuous decline in temp from 1000 to 1900. He says that it is arbitrary to say that it was warmer from 1000 to 1400 than from 1400 to 1900. Of course it was, because the temp was declining for the whole period.

  2. #2 Fred Bortz
    February 26, 2007

    I reviewed a book called The Little Ice Age: How Climate Made History, 1300-1850 by Brian Fagan (Basic Books, 2000).

    The point of the book is that relatively small decreases in temperature during that period had major historical repercussions in Europe, including the French Revolution and the Irish Potato famine. The book is exceptionally well researched and well written. It goes on to point out that we need to pay attention to the possible social and geopolitical impacts of the coming climate changes.

    In other words, climate is about to make history again, and our actions now can determine what that history will be.

    Click my name to read the review.

  3. #3 micro mel
    February 27, 2007

    In the Union of Concerned Scientists 2007 Scientific Integrity calendar, the month of June features a cartoon which reads:

    “Thus, when the film is run backwards, we see that it contains a hidden message: the glaciers are actually getting larger.”


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