The Intersection

Later today I’ll be heading to the Hill–but probably not blogging til I return. This afternoon action shifts to the House Committee on Science and Technology, and more specifically, to the Subcommittee on Investigations and Oversight. The chair, Rep. Brad Miller of North Carolina, has been a dogged exposer of science abuse, and that’s the focus of the hearing today:

Shaping the Message, Distorting the Science: Media Strategies to Influence Public Policy


Dr. James J. McCarthy, Harvard (a leading expert on climate change impacts, he blurbed The Republican War on Science)

Sheldon Rampton,

Tarek Maassarani, Government Accountability Project (lead author of a new report, Redacting the Science of Climate Change, detailing the administration’s abuses–PDF)

Jeff Kueter, George C. Marshall Institute (presumably the minority’s witness)

I’ll have more on this as soon as I can process it all, as usual….

UPDATE: Scratch that, I did an anticipatory post on the hearing at Huffington Post.